Rev. Juan Loredo

Senior Pastor

Pastor Juan Loredo was born and raised in Bloomington, California. Later, after he received his call into ministry, he moved to Indiana where he met his lovely wife Kelly. Between the two they have two daughters and are blessed with six grandchildren.
Pastor Loredo is a graduate of Nazarene Bible College and has received a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Pastoral Ministries; Master of Arts Degree in Pastoral Leadership from Olivet Nazarene University; and is currently working on his Master of Divinity Degree from Olivet Nazarene University.
Prior to CFCNaz, Pastor Loredo served as Senior Pastor in Sullivan, Indiana at Sullivan Church of the Nazarene; Fort Wayne, Indiana at Fort Wayne First Church of the Nazarene; served as an Associate Pastor in Decatur, Indiana at Decatur Church of the Nazarene. He also served as a District Licensed Minister/layman at Bel Air church of the Nazarene in Bel Air, Maryland where he taught Sunday School. We are blessed to have Pastor Juan and Kelly Loredo serve at CFCNaz as our Senior Pastor.
Pastor Loredo’s passion is preaching, prayer, and evangelism. His heart is in preparing, equipping, and empowering individuals to serve the Lord through the many areas of church ministry and to fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.
His hobbies include: spending time with his wife Kelly, reading, fishing, golfing, playing softball, and attending professional baseball games as time permits.

Dr. Phil Barnell

Worship Director

Raised in the Nazarene Church, Phil has been a part of Champaign First for fifteen years now. Phil’s passion are teaching, music, and above all else- serving Christ.

In Phil’s free time he enjoys playing the guitar, soccer, reading, and travel.

Nate Turner

Organic Outreach Influence Leader

Nate has been at CFC Naz for 10 of the 18 years that he has been a Nazarene.
Nate’s biggest passion in ministry is teens. He has been volunteering and teaching with youth for 17 years. He loves to watch their minds and hearts as they absorb God’s Word. Nate’s second passion is worship and he has found this to be a strong area of ministry for him as he leads Sunday worship on occasion. Finally as the Organic Outreach Influence Team Leader, he loves to educate CFC Naz’s leadership Team on a natural way of engaging our friends and neighbors into the kingdom. The Organic Outreach model has stirred something new in Nate, as he sees that outreach is not to be feared. Through the Organic Outreach concept, Nate hopes for CFC Naz’s to swing wide our doors into our community and families.
Nate loves to write music and create songs. He is also an avid reader, spending most of his reading in God’s Word. In recent months computer art has inspired him. Although Tech Art is his day job, Nate found himself spending personal time working on 3D rendering as a support to CFC Naz’s recent building project.

Carolyn Edens

Senior Life Director

Carolyn has been a Nazarene since 1989 and has been a part of the CFC Naz family since 1993.
Carolyn has been in the nursing field since 1972. She loves helping people, making them feel needed, wanted & healthy. Carolyn visits our seniors in the hospital, and their homes. She takes them to appointments, if needed, and calls them to check in on them. Carolyn makes sure that they have food and medicine that they need. She also has arranged for other people to help out in the Senior Living ministry when and where it is needed.
Carolyn likes to cook for others, crochet and learn about things by reading and looking them up. Most of all, she loves her 13 year old Shih Tzu Dog.

Andy Miller

Teen Life Director

Andy has been a part of the Nazarene church and CFC Naz for the last 20 year.

Andy believes that people of all ages can feel joy from fulfilling their purpose in their walk with God. He is passionate about showing teenagers how God has a plan for their lives, and that the best life is one lived within that plan. Andy also feels it is really fun to…get a little crazy-

Andy’s vocation is literally hobby. However, when he is not working, he likes to have fun times with family members, fishing, hunting, biking, and shooting sports… and be Mr. DIY- no matter how big the job is, if he is saving money, he is happy!

Kate Turner

Administrative Assistant

Kate was born to two Nazarene Pastors and raised in the Church of the Nazarene. She has been a part of the CFC Naz family for 10 years.

Kate’s passion is to honor God through service to others. Kate says that there is something so purely joyful about loving and caring for others through the power of Jesus’ name. She is blessed greatly by all opportunities that are put before her through ministry.

Kate enjoys a great variety of activities, but mostly she loves to be creative and helpful. Kate loves to spend time with her family and in God’s Word.